Michael Kanteena, Laguna Pueblo Potter.

Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, 1981.

Contemporary & Pre Columbian Recreations in Clay

Michael Kanteena, Laguna Pueblo, expresses his art through contemporary recreations of Pre-Columbian pottery designs.Michael began developing his present work about 11 years ago. Having grown up away from his Pueblo Culture, he decided to trace his people's roots through to the Chacoan Culture. Being a potter himself, he found a passion for their pottery style. With guidance from archaeologists, books, and trial and error, his pottery began to take its present shape.

Michael's work has many forms. He makes actual reproductions of Chacoan, Mesa Verde and Mimbres pottery, and has also learned from prehistoric Meso-American Indian Cultures. Taking a Toltec form, then painting it with Chaco or Mimbres designs, a whole piece is made in the contemporary nature of the artist's own imagination.

Examples of Michaels work as displayed at the Ice Caves

Michael was named in Southwest Art Magazine as one of the top 500 emerging Indian Artists. He received the popular Wingspread Collectors' Guide 1998 Award of Excellence and Judges' Choice at the prestigious Heard Museum Indian Artists' Show in Phoenix, Arizona. Other honors and awards include a first place at the 1994 New Mexico State Fair, First, Second and Third Place at the 1995 Gallup Ceremonial, and a First Place at the 1996 Gallup Ceremonial.

Articles featuring Michael include "Pueblo Artists Portraits" by Toba Tucker, the Gallup Independent newspaper, Native People Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, and in the January 2001 issue of New Mexico Magazine.

4"x 7" $160.00

5.5"x 3" $60.00

2.75" x 5" $90.00

4"x 3" $80.00

5"x 5" $80.00

3.5"x 3" $80.00

3.25"x 3.5" $60.00

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